Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

When thinking about Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics it makes me think of how important this career cluster is to our economy. In what way do you think the cluster contributes to/effects our nation's economy? Please describe your two careers in this cluster first. How do you think each of your two careers in this cluster contribute to/effect our nation's economy? How does this cluster contribute to/effect the other clusters you have completed research in?

My two career choices from the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics are Gem and Diamond Workers and Commercial Divers. A Gem and Diamond Worker fabricate, finish, or evaluate the quality of gems and diamonds used in jewelry or industrial tools. A Commercial Diver work below surface of water, using scuba gear to inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment and structures. A Gem and Diamond Worker helps the economy by making money. They help make diamonds the way that people want them to sell them for a good amount of money for the economy. A Commercial Diver helps the economy by helping the things underwater. They can help save coral or maybe find pearls underwater to sell if the pearl is good enough. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Gov. and Public Administration/Nurse Practitioner

Recently I have been asking my students to make connections between their personal lives/chosen careers and those careers they choose to research in class. I ask them to to think about how semi-random research can be tied to meaning for them, personally. This week, among other things, we have researched two careers in the Government and Public Administration cluster. I would like to know why students chose to research the careers they did and how they "connect" to their own chosen career.

My two careers from the Government and Public Administration were an Economist and a Chief Executive. My chosen career was a Nurse Practitioner. An Economist relates to the Nurse Practitioner because they each have to keep track of papers. A Economist has to keep track of stocks and records of supply of demand, and a Nurse Practitioner has to keep track of their patients records from the hospital. The other career, a Chief Executive relates to the Nurse Practitioner in the way of they both have to present stuff, and they both have to keep track of things also.